Monday, 12 May 2014

General Elections in India

Finally the countdown has begun for the election results of the world's largest democracy and 2nd largest population in the world yes you have absolutely predicted it correctly its INDIA!

" Ab ki baar Modi Sarkaar " (meaning this time Modi-Gov't) has been doing the rounds for quite sometime and giving the current political scenario it looks quite evident that Mr.Modi has the upper hand to have his lotus party to win this years's election and be the Prime Minister, although it has never happened since 1984 that there has been a single largest party coming into power, so the BJP has to benign on to the support of regional power houses i.e. the two dee-dees (meaning big sister) the AIADMK based Jayalalitha and TMC based Mamta Banarjee. The reason being that these 2-parties have been given 40-seats by the recently conducted exit polls but still it is hard to say that would be a reality.

In case of Mr.Modi winning the lok sabha seat is still in jeopardy as the latest Political sensation Mr.Arvind Kejriwal belonging to AAP might look an underdog but one never knows how will it change the political scenario in Varanasi, the place from where both of them are fighting.

As far as Congress is concerned its a very little chance that they might end up winning, due to the price rice,inflation and affected by scams involving lots of money. This has been an impact on their Lok sabha elections and even Mr.Rahul Gandhi had to come over to contest the elections and canvass from their political bastion of the strong-hold of the nehru-gandhi family and to add more woes the current opposition party vice-president Ms.Smriti Irani is contesting against him is considered to be a huge threat and might end up winning, given her image amongst the common people which is very appealing and her proper politics will make her as a strong contender for the Amethi constituency in Uttar-Pradesh.

As a political enthusiast and nation's citizen i wanted to share my views on forthcoming elections, from childhood reading news papers and getting to know about politicians has been my hobby.

Signing off for now, more to come.


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